Welcome to Z's Bees! 

Our raw organic honey and beeswax products come from our urban backyard in Augusta, Ga. Although we are delighted that you stopped by we need you to know that we are no longer taking orders until the bees and I have had a chance to let the bees recover from the move to Georgia.  I have had 10 glorious years in Columbia, SC but my day job (i.e., the work outside the bees) takes me back to my home state of Georgia.

Find updates at https://www.facebook.com/zsbeeshoney

Zsbees is going OFF-LINE for 2015. With a recent move and the subsequent transfer of my beehives, I will need to give the girls a rest so that they might prepare for a new season in their new home.  I have taken a job in Augusta, Ga and so my bee-business needs to take a break.

Thank you for your good care of  the bees and me.  We shall return in a year and I shall update all through my zsbees facebook site.