About Our Bees

Welcome to my backyard where three hives, 11 chickens, 2 dogs, and my wife and I make sense out of an otherwise senseless world.  With regards to our chickens, we have only hens and enjoy their “contributions” to our breakfast.  However, given our hens have names from strong women in history, they are destined to live long and healthy lives. 

The dogs are what we call “pot lickers” for it is in this task where they find their greatest value.

But the bees, this is exciting part of the backyard.  Two hives are 8 frame garden hives.  They each have 5 supers (i.e., the name given to each box in which the frames are hung). I collect honey from only the top one typically.  On rare occasions I harvest from the third super. 

The third hive is a 10-frame style. It was constructed by my father who introduced me to this art and it is in this small space that I honor his life.  I have one deep super there and 4 shallow supers.  As with the garden hives, I typically harvest only from the top super. I also have a fourth hive that I am trying to cultivate from a "split."  I will watch this one carefully this summer. Hope it can make it.

So, my total effort is toward these hives.  The way I figure it, because of this work I have brought approximately 350,000 bees into the area all of whom are focused on pollinating and making honey... plus a few drones who are more interested in eating than anything else.  Well done, ladies!