Hello World

Posted by admin on October 23, 2013


As the year end approaches we are grateful for kind neighbors, good friends, and faithful customers, all of whom combine to support our local organic beekeeping passion.  Enjoying making gift baskets for you all.  Looking forward to an early spring and lots of blooms.  Things are taking off here at Zsbees.


Rearranging supers, consolidating space but keeping some space available for the queen to continue laying eggs.  Nectar flow slow so a little help with the 1:1 sugar water.  Pollen patties may be forthcoming so as to add some protein to the diet.


The fall approaches, the days shorten, and the bees begin preparations for the winter.  Frenetic activity around the hives includes the bees gathering pollen, capping honey, and kicking out the drones.  No room for anyone not contributing to the welfare of the hive!  Over 100 lbs of honey harvested this season.  A very good spring and summer, indeed.  And now Aster and Golden Rod offer a final harvest for the girls.   

6.12.14 update: 

Zsbees has now entered a new era as there are 7 hives at work. Two hives are exploding with possibilities.  Four hives are healthy and growing very fast. One hive is very, very young and I will be interested to see what they do, if they ultimately make it.  The bees are a remarkable group.